Upcoming Concerts

Out of the Cold Benefit Concert

Celebrating Black History Month with Gospel
Saturday, February 23rd at 7:30 pm


On their feet - everyone singing and dancing to the beat!

Big Soul Project ended 2018 with a jubilant Christmas Concert at Dominion-Chalmers Church. At the end of the concert, we had everyone in the audience (800+) singing and dancing!

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Thinking of inviting Big Soul Project to perform at your event?

Some things you should know about us

Big Soul Project is a community-based choir with 150 members. We are able to perform as a smaller group, but 60 is the minimum number of singers that you will need to accommodate on stage.

Our band, Deep Groove, includes four musicians with guitar, bass, e-drums and keyboard.

We love to sing at fundraisers for good causes, as well as at music festivals and other venues. We sing a mix of gospel, R&B and soul and we enjoy enthusiastic audiences who like to join in.

BSP usually does about 6 concerts a year. We do not perform in October or November to ensure we dedicate sufficient rehearsal time to our Christmas Concert. We are also generally are not available in July and August. We perform on weekends, not during the week.

We require a minimum stage size of 35’ x 20’ with headroom of approximately 10’ for 60-80 performers. A minimum of 50’ x 25 x 10’ is required for the full choir.

What we expect from the sponsoring organization

As sponsor of a concert you must take full responsibility for staging the concert, including: organizing, planning, promotion and ticket sales. You will need a dedicated group of volunteers to undertake all these tasks.

BSP may take a few tickets to sell to friends and families of choir members, but it is the responsibility of the sponsor to promote and sell tickets.

BSP has publicity materials available to assist in promotion, as well as photos and music clips. Our Marketing Coordinator will want to review your promotional materials.

Our Productions Coordinator will work with you on staging and sound, to ensure everything is in place to create a successful concert.

It costs BSP at least $1200 to do a performance. This includes professional sound, rentals to move our risers, and honoraria for Band and Music Director. While BSP absorbs some of these out-of-pocket costs, the sponsoring organization is asked to make a financial contribution of $500. If paying this fee will present a financial burden, you should flag this on your application form.

We will be responsible for delivery, set-up and take-down of our risers. However, you will be asked to make four volunteers available to help with the set-up and take-down.

A secure Green Room is needed for the use of performers. Be sure you can respect fire department occupancy safety limits when hosting the choir in the green room. If space permits, a second Green Room for musicians and Music Director would be most appreciated.

Light refreshments are requested (water and juice, light snacks).

Some organizations/venues are in a position to provide sound equipment.  

  • If so, please include a list of the equipment available on your application form, including makes and models, so that we can determine whether some or all of the equipment may be suitable for use.
  • For venues, such as churches, community halls, etc. BSP and its sound engineer will bring required equipment.

Booking a Gig:  Application Form

If you would like to invite BSP to perform, please fill in this form with as much information as possible. The more information we have, the faster we can respond to your request.