$16,000 raised for the Ottawa Food Bank

Big Soul Project produced and performed their annual Christmas Concert at Carleton Dominion Chalmers Centre after 3 years of pandemic closures. The theme "Let's Celebrate!" was aptly named for everyone, choir, band, and audience alike, as we all felt very joyous during and after both the open dress rehearsal and the full concert.

Funds were raised within the choir to welcome guests to our concert who might not have otherwise been able to attend and we were so pleased they could share this joyful event with us.

This year we are thrilled to announce that between the two concerts BSP was able to raise $8,000 for the Ottawa Food Bank which was matched by an anonymous donor bringing the total to $16,000!! A reason to celebrate indeed.

We are looking forward to the next season and the opportunity to sing for other good causes in the Ottawa area. Hope to see you there!

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Some things you should know about us

In keeping with our motto - "Lifting you higher" – Big Soul Project (BSP) has a mission to bring people together to promote a sense of connection and empowerment through singing.  BSP is a community-based choir with 130 members. We sing a mix of gospel, R&B and soul, and we enjoy enthusiastic audiences who like to join in. Our 4-member band, Deep Groove, is an integral part of BSP. Our choir loves to sing at fundraisers for good causes that contribute to community, including: charities and other non-profits, social justice groups, special events, as well as at music festivals and local music venues.

What we expect from the sponsoring organization

As sponsor of the BSP concert, you must take full responsibility for staging the concert including: planning, financing, design and printing of promotional materials, publicity, recruitment of volunteers, ticket sales and front-of-house. A committed organizing team and dedicated group of volunteers are essential to make your concert a success.

If your application is approved, our Productions Coordinator will work with you to ensure everything is in place to create a successful concert. Our Marketing and Publicity Coordinator will offer guidance on publicity.

It costs BSP about $1500 to stage a performance.  The sponsoring organization is asked to make a financial contribution of $500. You will also be responsible for the venue rental, poster and ticket design and printing, and miscellaneous expenses.

Booking a Gig:  Application Form

If you would like to invite Big Soul Project (BSP) to perform at your event, please complete and submit this online Booking Application Form.  The form is available on the BSP website, at:

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