Update from BSP...

During the COVID19 pandemic Big Soul Project continues to meet for practice every Monday evening only now, like so many other choirs, we practice virtually. We have found ways to make our Zoom practices fun and engaging! See us singing One Voice, our first recording from the spring of 2020. 

BSP continues to welcome new names on the waiting list during this time. Join the Choir

We would normally be gearing up for and eagerly anticipating the annual holiday concert at Dominion Chalmers which was scheduled for December 12th. Instead we are preparing to unveil a Holiday Celebration video presentation which will be revealed here on December 12th and available to view at your leisure from that day forward. We will be accepting donations to a local charity for this event.

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2020 BSP Board

Co-Chair: Nancy Bergeron
Co-Chair: Paul Raven
Secretary: Corrie Van Walraven
Marketing & Publicity: Julek Meissner
Booking Coordinator: Vicky Christie
Membership Coordinator: Sandra Hanson
Production Coordinator: Richard Borsos
Volunteer Coordinator: Steve Slade
Treasurer and Past Co-Chair: Michelle Soldaat

Carole Johnson
Martha Tobin
Susan Carter