Big Soul Project shares our special joyful music at Lansdowne Park

Posted on September 6, 2019

For four years, Big Soul Project has been sharing our special joyful music on a Sunday evening at Lansdowne Park.  This free concert is part of the City of Ottawa's Summer Arts Showcase series.  This year we had perfect weather with sunny skies, and a light breeze.  What better way to spend a summer evening than enjoying music outside?  It's so fun to see people wandering over, attracted by the sound of our singing, with surprised and happy expressions on their faces!  BSP always gets wonderful feedback from our audience after the concert.  This letter from an anonymous BSP fan sums it up perfectly.  

"You could feel the love of singing through your members with their flow of body movements and energetic expressions.  Your inclusion of audience participation created a group yet personal experience." 

"Ottawa is fortunate to have Big Soul Project among the community choir scene.  Your motto "Lifting you Higher" certainly applies to your vibrant organization and your members.  Your concert was uplifting and spiritual."  

A big Thank-You to our anonymous fan from Big Soul Project.